What is Climate Ticket?

The congress in Joburg, the romantic weekend at the Gold Coast, the hiking-trip in the Drakensberge or the surf-holiday in Durban – whenever you fly, you have a good reason to enter the plane, but every kilometre you spend above the clouds has an effect on our environment and contributes to climate change.

By burning the fuel while flying the engines of the plane produce CO2 which changes our climate.

During a flight every passenger produces 250 grams of CO2 per kilometre!

We all know how climate change effects our environment and our every day life. There are enough reasons to take responsibility if we cannot avoid certain things like flying.

Climate Ticket Cape Town offers compensation on a local basis which was created according to the world wide acting organisations for climate-protection “myclimate” and “atmosfair”.

Off-set your carbon footprint caused by aviation, mitigate climate change and simultaneously support disadvantaged people and communities in Cape Town.

Have a look at our world map and estimate your own carbon footprint. Compensate it by donating the indicated amount or just support the projects with the amount you wish. You can compensate 1 tonne of CO2 by supporting a project with 300 ZAR. The three projects you can support via Climate Ticket Cape Town are: