greenpopGreenpop is a quite young organisation. Only founded in 2010, it has already made a big impact in greening South Africa and Zambia by planting trees. The organisation has three main projects:

  • Cape Town Urban Greening Programme: Tree-planting at schools, creches and community centres in the under-greened communities
  • Reforestation Project at Platbos Forest, Africa’s southernmost indigenous forest
  • Greenpop Zambia Festival of Action

The tree-planting projects at schools are ongoing throughout the year. Schools take the first action and apply for a tree-planting-day by Greenpop. Once the site is approved to become a part of the Greenpop family the sponsor and planting department organise the planting day.

Companies based in the Cape Town area book team-building-days with the partnerships department which coordinates the group tree-planting-day at a school with the planting department. The booking fees paid by the company pays for the Greenpop facilitators for the day and a site-fee for the monitoring of the site and the education of the site facilitator including regular check-in phone calls, one monitoring visit every 6 months for 2 years and invitations to environmental education workshops. The company may also choose to sponsor the trees that they plant at the site. There are about 300 schools, community centres and churches in this programme right now.

At Platbos Forest Greenpop organises events, like a family festival or a friends festival for up to 500 participants. Festivals include group tree planting. live music, camping, family-style meals, and fun workshops and activities. Participants have planted more than 30.000 trees at Platbos Forest already, only in May 2015 during two weekends 8.000 trees have been planted. The focus of the festival is on reforestation by tree planting as well as community activation, education and fun!

Since 2012 the Zambia Festival of Action in Livingston takes place annually during June & July. It brings people together from around the globe to plant thousands of trees, learn, connect, give back, grow and get active. Zambia has one of the highest deforestation rates in the world. Through this project Greenpop raises awareness about the area and tries to be part of the solution. Up till now 12.576 trees have been planted during 104 planting days, 34 sustainability workshops have been held, and more than 50 handmade solar cookers and 10 handmade rocket stoves have been built.

Greenpop tries to connect people and to raise environmental awareness at the same time. Greenpop people are “normal” people (12 staff-members, volunteers from all over the world and people who just come to the events to plant trees). But theses people are full of passion and enjoy their work, which they actually see as a way of life.

Learn more about two passionate Greenpop staff-members and meet Jo and Pam.





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