Seeds are the foundation of life

Tania 02

“I am a passionate seed guardian, organic seed producer and I am growing the Seed bank project at SEED” (2015)

Tania’s journey started with the desire to create change within herself. Being in a corporate background for many years did not allow her to pursue her green dreams that she feels was passed on by her late grandfather who was a horticulturist and nature conservationist in the Cape flats area for many years. In 2012 found herself unemployed and with the desire and passion needed to be resilient she then made it her mission to volunteer with green organisations in and around Cape Town to learn and grow and find solutions for the problems we are facing within our communities.

She started volunteering regularly at SEED(Schools Environmental Education Development) which is based on Rocklands Primary school in Mitchells Palin and close to where she lives.

Her beautiful journey into the world of Permaculture and Seed saving began.

Tania received a bursary to do a one day workshop on seed saving and soon after  an opportunity came up at SEED to start a seed bank project. She applied for the position that offered a small stipend but with so much opportunity for growth. It all happened so fast and her dreams were being manifested and in early 2013 with the help of community members and her mentor Phillpa Mallac they established the first seed bank within Mitchells Plain. The focus of the seed garden is to locally adapt open pollinated and heirloom vegetable and herb varieties to the sandy Cape Flats conditions to build climate, soil and pest resilience through Permaculture design principles which she had an opportunity to learn when she received another bursary through SEED to do the accredited Permaculture training course.

This source of organically grown seed sustains and provides seeds to the various projects within SEED and the community.

Tania says “By participating in this ancient tradition we strengthen our food security! ” It is important to her that she shares this knowledge and seeds with the community so that they can take control over their food sources and give power back to local food systems by increasing and preserving diversity through seed saving.

She is also in process of setting up a community Seed bank co operative which started as one of SEEDS  micro green enterprises to become financially sustainable by selling seeds and build on infrastructure to create job and learning opportunities for the community.

Her goal is to setup many seed banks on the Cape Flats and inspire stewardship of biological diversity and promote our shared seed heritage through seed saving. Seeds are the foundation of life!