People appreciate what I do and start to change their lives


Pamela studied Environmental Management at CPUT and was looking for an in-service training for 6 months in 2013. “I wanted to combine the environmental work with being an inspiration to people”, she says. That is how and why she found Greenpop.

During her internship she got more and more passionate about her work and in 2014 she became a part-time employee while she was still studying and since January 2015 she is a full-time staff member. She works in the planting department, where her core function is communication: “I talk to the people, to the beneficiaries and organize the plant days. I love that direct contact. Most of them want to do something, they just don’t know what.”

She reached out to the schools and communities who need help with Environmental Education and greening the school grounds. Six weeks after each plant day she calls the school to follow up and the teachers mostly tell her how surprised they are, that the kids come together as a team in the garden and take action by themselves. “People appreciate what I do and start to change their lives by starting with a vegetable garden or an environmental class,” Pamela happily explains.

After six months Greenpop does site visits and normally after a year an intensive environmental education starts with those schools who have established environmental clubs after the initial tree planting. Pamela then facilitates workshops or presentations for the school.