Love at First Sight


Born and bred in Harare, Zimbabwe, Jo grew up in a family with green fingers and a passion for indigenous trees. When Zimbabwe slipped into an economic and political crisis, her family made the difficult decision to leave their home. They moved to France where she finished high school and did her undergraduate degree. Later she went on to do an MA in London and worked for two years in Belgium. “Europe was a shock; culturally, linguistically – even the climate! I’ve had all kinds of life experiences there, but it’s never become a home.”

In the middle of a European winter in 2012 Jo stumbled across one of Greenpop’s videos about the Zambia Festival of Action, “and it ticked all my boxes: planting indigenous trees, in a part of the world I feel connected to, and doing it all with such gorgeous imagery!” She knew right then and there that Greenpop was something she wanted to be involved in, and dreamt of one day being able to join as a volunteer in Zambia.

While she has an MA in Creative Writing, Jo is also a self-taught graphic designer and, after years of dreaming, she finally applied for an internship at Greenpop in Januray 2015 doing graphic design.

On arrival at the Greenpop office, Jo felt a sense of belonging that she hadn’t experienced in a long time. “It’s more than just a job, it is a way of life – a mindset. You enter into a space of genuine, caring, positive interaction. It is beautiful to have all that meaning in your workplace. The people here are more family than colleagues.”

Jo is now Greenpop’s PR and Social Media Coordinator, and she sees it as her job to “tell Greenpop’s story to the world.”